"ABC” Animal Bone Char - BioPhosphate is a unique form of activated carbon adsorbent for wide range of water treatment purposes

​​​​Animal Bone Char"ABC” Animal Bone Char - BioPhosphate is a unique form of activated carbon, made of food grade animal bone meal and it’s ability to remove many PTE (Potential Toxic Elemensts) and macromolecular organic contaminants is far greater than coal or coconut shell based activated carbon. The „ABC” Animal Bone Char - BioPhosphate is produced under specific conditions at high material core temperature 850 degree Celsius under two specific processing conditions with unique macroporous properties of adsorbing large organic molecules, colour and dissolved metals for two unique product applications.

Animal Bone Char is a liquid media adsorbent and filtration material to remove PTE (Potential Toxic Elements – heavy metals, including radionuclides), Fluoride, Fluorine, Chlorine, Arsenic and Manganese. The industrial sectors applied are the drinking water, food – beverage - dairy industrial waste water, sugar refinery, aquaculture, municipal waste water, pharmaceutical industrial waste water, other industrial waste water including polishing of industrial effluents, nuclear industry to remove radionuclides and other applications. In several filtration cases the multiple regeneration is also a possibility.