Animal bone char - BioPhosphate adsorbent products specification

​​​​ABC-BioPhosphate is a Bone Char is a unique from of activated carbon, made of food grade animal bone meal and it’s ability to remove many PTE (Potential Toxic Elements ) and macromolecular organic contaminants is far greater than coal or coconut shell based activated carbon.  
Animal bone char  is an effective adsorbent for water filtration, as it ability to remove many metals and macromolecular organic contaminants  is far greater than activated carbon. Most of these metals are neurotoxins and pose significant hazards to human health.

ABC-BioPhosphate adsorbent can reduce and remove wide range of contaminates from water

ABC-BioPhosphate can reduce and remove wide range of contaminates from water and liquid media, such as fluoride, cadmium, lead, iron, manganese, mercury, zinc, copper, nickel, aluminum, arsenic, herbicides, pesticides, wide range of radio-nuclides, radium and uranium. ABC is the ideal tap water filter as well because it removes toxins from the water without stripping the water of salts and important minerals. Also used for sugar refining to decolorize and remove other mineral impurities.

PTE (Potential Toxic elements) removal rates of ABC-BioPhosphate from waste water:
Arsenic> 85%
Cadmium >90%
Chromium >95%
And many other metals...
Reduction parameters:
Chemical Oxygen Demand>75%
Biological Oxygen Demand>70%


The benefits of the unique and novel ABC-BioPhosphate adsorbent process/products and the difference versus Activated Carbon materials 

 ABC-BioPhosphateActivated Carbon materials
Zero emission processingYesNot available, complex emission and environmental impacts
Energy independent YesNo, fossil energy inputs needed
Use of chemicalsNo any chemicals usedMost types chemically activated
Feed materialsPure and renewable biomass feed materials onlyMajority is coal and lignite based, but in minor coconut shell, wood and petroleum pitch also used
CAPEX capital costModerateModerate
OPEX operational costLow High
Maintenance level & costLow High
Treatment efficiencyHighLow
PorosityMacroporous at optimal range of 100 μm to 500 μmMicro/meso porous 1 μm to 50 μm
Material characteristics92% mineral 8% carbon100% carbon based
Adsorbent – filter application specialityNovel and specific adsorbent to remove macromolecular organic pollutions, , herbicides, pesticides; PTE metals Cd, Pb, Fe, Mn, Hg, Zn, Cu, Ni, Al, incl. Uranium and wide range of radionuclides; Fluoride, Fluorine, Chlorine, Arsenic aso. Decolorizing.Traditional and general adsorbents for micro and meso molecular small sized organic pollutants, purify gases and liquids
Regeneration 4-5 times2-4 times
Use after final regenerationReused as biofertilizer (if used for organics)Burned for energy production

In summary: the ABC-BioPhosphate adsorbent and the Activated Carbons are two different filtration strategies with two different functionalities, which are efficiently applied in different industrial sectors.